Microsoft Edge for Android has quietly added support for extensions

While most Android users prefer Chrome, Microsoft might make certain improvements to Edge’s mobile version that could persuade users to switch. It appears that extensions are being supported in Microsoft Edge for Android.

User Leopeva64 posted a series of pictures on X (formerly Twitter) demonstrating Edge version 123’s pre-release build’s support for extensions. To use the feature, you must first enable it, as it seems to be concealed behind a flag.

The user will be able to install add-ons after it is activated, just like with Firefox for Android.  As a result, Microsoft Edge would now be included in the limited group of mobile browsers that are compatible with extensions. It looks like it will show up in the overflow menu of Microsoft Edge when it becomes accessible.

It seems that the Extensions page in this alpha version of Edge is also in beta. As one might expect, there aren’t many extensions for the browser at this time. Three add-ons are listed as available on the “Extensions Beta” page: Global Speed, uBlock Origin, and Dark Reader.

How soon this functionality will appear in the browser’s stable version is presently uncertain. However, by February, this build should be in beta, and by March, it should be stable. It’s probable that extension support will arrive later.

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