This new feature will improve Copilot on Microsoft Edge for Android

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While Google Chrome remains the favored browser for the majority of Android smartphone and tablet users, Microsoft is making a concerted attempt to change that by utilizing AI as its primary tool. Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar investment in OpenAI technology demonstrates this. Now, the firm is testing a new feature on its Edge browser for Android that will improve Copilot’s capabilities.

According to MSPowerUser, Microsoft Edge just received a new optional upgrade that adds additional functionality to Copilot’s already extensive feature set. The ‘Ask Copilot’ chatbot in Microsoft Edge can now search for anything related to a selected image on a webpage. Furthermore, the Microsoft Edge ‘Ask Copilot’ feature may be used to produce AI graphics.

The Ask Copilot tool in Microsoft Edge is concealed behind a flag

These new ‘AI Copilot’ functionalities will be accessible through the ‘Mobile Copilot Chat with Images‘ tab. The functionality is now being tested, and Microsoft may not deploy it at all. When you enable the flag by going to edge://flags and searching for Mobile Copilot, you will see the ‘AI Copilot’ or ‘Generate AI pictures’ choices on your browser’s context menu.

You may ask the chatbot any question about an image or request that it produce an AI version of the image you’ve chosen. The functionality appears to be enjoyable to use and should help Microsoft entice Android users to use its Edge browser. Users have avoided using Microsoft Edge in the past as it was distended and Google Chrome’s constant drive for feature additions.