Microsoft’s latest PC Manager might slow down your PC

If you’ve been following Windows news, you’re aware that Microsoft just made the PC Manager program available for Windows 11 on the Microsoft Store. People have been testing it out to see how well it works, and it turns out that if you ask it to run a deep clean, it will remove files that will eventually cause your PC to perform worse.

The weakness in Microsoft PC Manager

Neowin noticed that the Microsoft PC Manager has a “deep clean” option. This attempts to scan through your computer and remove any files that are unnecessary, freeing up space and improving the efficiency of your computer. The issue is that it can potentially cause your windows computer to lag.

This is due to the fact that the deep clean option removes every file from the Prefetch folder on your machine. This folder is used by your computer to store data about the program you use, making them start up more quickly the following time. While not necessary, these files help keep your computer running quickly, a feature that disappears when Microsoft PC Manager removes all the files from the Prefetch folder. Furthermore, even though it conserves disc space, the general performance of your PC is slowed down.

It is recommended that you refrain from instructing the Microsoft PC Manager to run a deep clean in order to prevent this problem. As an alternative, you can clean and expedite using different methods to enhance the performance of your Windows PC.

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