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Google to Pay Some New Publishers for their Content


On Thursday, Google revealed that it is planning to start a licensing program this year. Under the initiative, the publishers would be paid for their high–quality content generation. The program would be starting with the national and international publications of Brazil, Australia, and Germany. If the trial proves a success then it would be adding more nations to the list.

The Vice President of the Product Management, Bred Bender mentioned in a blog post that the program would help in making the publishers participate with their content via an enhanced experience of storytelling. He mentioned that the firm is taking major steps to assist high-quality journalism.

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The news publishing firms that seal the agreement with Google are Del Spiegel, Die Zeit, Frankfurter, Schwartz Media, Allgemeine Zeitung, Solistic Media, Tagesspiegel, A Gazetta Post and Rheinische.

The biggest search engine giant was asked to pay from various news publishers and after a comprehensive consideration Google came out with its payment plan.

The spokesperson of Google in a blog post shared that today they are announcing a licensing program for praying the publishers for the high-quality content for a news experience launching by the end of this year. It also added that they will start with publishers in many nations across the globe, with more to come soon.

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