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Tourism Industry is Never Going to Be the Same After Coronavirus Pandemic, Says CEO Airbnb


The CEO of Airbnb has said that the travel and the tourism industry is never to be the same again after the coronavirus pandemic as the popular tourist spots would now be getting lesser attention.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb has said in an interview that it took them 12 years to establish Airbnb and that they lost almost everything in the span of 4 to 6 weeks. He also pointed out that the firm was all set to go public this year and now this seems impossible.

Chesky claims that Airbnb has an uncertain future owing to the fear of the outbreaks which is experienced extensively across the globe. He also mentioned that that tourism they know is over and added that he is not willing to say that the journey is over however rather the tourism model they were aware of has died and will never return.

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Airbnb is an online holiday rental service that was founded by Chesky in 2008. He named it Airbnb and started the project with two other partners. He reported that the service had the same amount of bookings in 2020 too as in 2019 and that most of the reservations were made via local resources.

He also said that people are saying that they want to go out of their houses, however, they want to be safe and do not want to travel on airplanes. He added that people now want to go to cities and not cross the borders.

Airbnb has suffered a great deal because of the pandemic but Chesky still has got some hopes left for the hotel rental service. He believes that travel and tourism would return but that would take a longer period of time to get stable and trustworthy again.

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