Zong might be the first company to introduce 5G technology in Pakistan

Zong might not be the leading cellular company in Pakistan, but when it comes to 3G/4G technology, Zong is definitely the best internet provider in the country.

The company thinks ahead, about the future and how it can provide effective solutions through better use of technology.

All around the world, a wave has spread, the wave of 5G technology. Some wind has touched the land of Pakistan as well.

The government of Pakistan has allowed PTA to permit all telecommunication companies in Pakistan to conduct 5G trials in the country. PTA will develop a framework and whichever telecom company is interested in testing 5G technology would have to follow it.

Who will be the first company to introduce 5G in Pakistan?

If we go by history and some news reports it can be Zong. Zong introduced 4G services first in Pakistan and we can expect the same with 5G services. Some months back Zong even requested PTA to be allowed testing of 5G.

In 2016 a statement came by CEO of Zong Liu Dianfeng stating, “Our teams are working very hard not only to bring new technology to the Pakistani people but also the applications and end-to-end solutions to enhance the quality of life for the local people.”

It seems that the goal of this telecom company is crystal clear. Like 4G technology Zong wants to pioneer 5G technology in Pakistan as well.

It is pertinent to mention here, that just recently PTA unveiled cellular companies’ stats for 2017. Zong 4G users until Dec 2017 were 4.9 million, beating Mobilink and Telenor that had 1.9 million and 1.5 million 4G users respectively.

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Zong 4G packages, its diverse network, a larger area of coverage, better speed makes it stand out. The right step ahead would be to test 5G technology in Pakistan, become the first company to launch it in the country and bring further ease in lives of the people.