Best 4G/LTE Mobile Network In Pakistan: Comparison between “Telenor”, “Warid” And “Zong”

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Many people are concerned about best 4G network the internet speeds and connectivity when it comes to buying 4G/LTE internet packages. Although, all the companies offer 3G internet in most areas across Pakistan but 4G/LTE is offered only by Zong, Warid and Telenor and in specific areas.


Zong was the first company to offer 4G internet in Pakistan and it is the largest network in Pakistan in terms of 4G network. You can also check the Zong 4G coverage of different cities.

zong 4g


Warid LTE

Warid is the second largest 4G network which covers most urban and suburban cities. Checkout Warid 4G city wise coverage here

warid speed test


Telenor has launched their 4G service not long ago; it’s been a year since they have started offering 4G service. Initially they started free trials in 6 major cities. Now Telenor coverage is expanded to all major cities of Pakistan. Visit Telenor coverage map here


Let’s Compare The Performance Now



I personally use Zong 4G and have experienced the speed variations in different locations and times. When it’s a peak time the speed can be little down to 12 mbps to 18 mbps. It also depends on the location where reception is good or bad. But so far so good, Zong is becoming a gold standard in 4G services.


zong 4g speed




Warid is almost similar to Zong  in terms of speed with minor variations, but there are advantages and disadvantages for both. Zong network is diverse and has strong user base whereas Warid has relatively smaller area of coverage. But it has been witnessed that if you travel towards suburban area Warid may drop signals and become weaker.

Secondly, Warid 4G packages are the cheapest in the market and Zong is bit expensive.

warid speed test


What About Telenor SPEED

Not humiliating Telenor but people are enjoying sharing their ideas in humorous way; a recent update on Facebook pulls the cat out of the bag;

telenor 4g speed test


Now Check Out The Comments

People are calling it Vespa, you must have heard about Vespa, a vintage scooter that can ever run faster than a bicycle, if you haven’t seen it see the image here


Some Telenor Speed Test images and videos are on the internet which could leave you in the dark. But those tests are from Telenor Europe Company and have shown massive speeds.

Now you can decide which network is best for your considering price, quality and availability.


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15 thoughts on “Best 4G/LTE Mobile Network In Pakistan: Comparison between “Telenor”, “Warid” And “Zong”

    1. Ufone is out of the picture, ufone only offers 3G and after getting reviews from customers about 3G they have stopped thinking about launching 4G 🙂

  1. I have Zong and Telenor 4G devices. Telenor is far better than Zong, both in terms of speed and consistency. (F-8, Islamabad).

  2. Hi Me from Gojra T. T. Singh got the Telenor 4 G sim A couple of days ago works rather slowly I wonder why they call it 4 G sometimes even log in fails. Secondly any procedure other than maps to check availability of 4 G

    1. Fayyaz it depends on 3 things mainly, first you should have 4G/LTE enabled phone, secondly you should have 4G simcard and the third one is to be in the area where 4G network is available, if you have all these things then I don’t thing you should have problem. To check the coverage there are two ways, either you check it through the map or you personally visit the area and test the 4G coverage. Thanks

  3. I have been using Zong 4G for last one month in Karachi, in main Karachi central, the speed is pathetic, specially during peak evening time I feel like I am using 20th Century Dial-up modem. It is a waste of money, and takes lot of time to download just a webpage. Do not trust any 4G provider.

      1. I am their victim as well.
        The most pathetic support + no more than 5Mbps speed ever!
        They call it acceptable rate though. Wasn’t communicated at the time of purchase.

  4. Hello gents, I was surprised to know that UFONE charge for whatsapp call ever though you have subscribed to their monthly packages. This is shocking and aggravating at the same time for me and very sec I decided to port myself out of ufone as I did not know how networks work here in Pakistan as on my return.
    Please guide if this is the market trend else where too.

  5. In my city Bahawalpur Telenor 4g speed is good. 13MB, 12 MB, 10 MB, Average can say 10 MB. But they have cheap bundle and more data as compare to JAzz and Zong.Telenor in 2200RS 85 GB good one as compare to 75 GB in 2500rs. Also remaining GB add in next month. Also 16 wifi connections option in Telenor

  6. I have Telenor 4G in Lahore. I am using it for the last 4 months. Bilkul Nikammi service ha inn ki. I would say k yeah device laini hi nhe chahiye.

  7. jazz is the worst service ever. Their customer service is so bad . people are rude, inefficient. they don’t know anything, how to do and what to do. if you submit a complaint, firstly they won’t even understand what you are talking about. secondly, they will say this is not possible. and after that even if they accept the complaint, in a few hours they will be like the issue is not from our side. super super unhelpful. its annoying, especially the inefficiency about the thing they are dealing with. if they don’t know anything about it, they should wear bangles and sit at home!

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