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Women Digital League (WDL) to join hands with Facebook


Facebook has agreed to an arrangement with the Women’s Digital League (WDL) for the advancement and training of ladies in Pakistan. The reason for this agreement is to invigorate and empower little and locally established ladies business visionaries in the nation.

For the unconscious, WDL is a nearby social endeavor that is possessed and overseen by Pakistani ladies. The firm plans to make chances of education and work for Pakistani ladies through particular training programs.

It is significant that WDL is not the primary association in the nation to work together with Facebook on such an agreement. Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) worked together with Facebook back in October 2016 to bring its ‘She Means Business’ idea to Pakistan. Through this program, Facebook urged ladies to work together on the web and showed them the aptitudes essential for maintaining a business. So far this program has prepared more than 50,000 ladies on the web.

WDL aims to bring more job opportunities for women

Facebook and WDL will be preparing ladies to use online networking platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram) better keeping in mind the end goal to advertise their items in major urban areas like Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar before extending their administrations to different nations.

WDL has been working to enable digital livelihood for women in Pakistan for nine years and now, we have partnered with Facebook for their ‘She Means Business’ programme which is geared towards women building and running a business – Maria Umar, President and Founder of WDL

Ladies are main force behind a nation and it is difficult to advance without them. WDL and Facebook’s endeavors in such manner would like to bring a greater amount of them into the work drive. They aim to engage entire new eras and families with the essential aptitudes towards a superior future and job.

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