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Volvo and Autoliv join hands with Nvidia to create an AI system for self-driving cars

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The world is moving fast towards artificial intelligence and automakers couldn’t resist the thoughts of having self-driving cars. With this aim in mind, Volvo and Autoliv join hands with Nvidia to work on a system for self-driving vehicles.

This new system will create an artificial intelligence progra which will help cars learn about their surroundings, avoid potential obstacles, and enroute the journey with better safety.

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The joint venture created a system last year, namely Zenuity, which is super intelligent for self-driving cars. The system will be used by both Volvo and Autoliv and will be available for other such automakers.

Volvo, which has been using Nvidia’s AI systems in its hometown for semi-autnomous vehicles and wished to empower its vehilces with this AI system by 2021.

Other autmakers using AI for self-driving vehicles involve; BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, and Honda. All these automakes aims to fully load their vehicles soon so that there will be less casualities resulting from road accidents and safe and eays journey ahead.

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