Honda rolls out its plans relating to self-driving cars

Self-driving cars - Honda

The world is going crazy with the self-driving cars and Honda couldn’t resist staying apart. The Japanese automaker is now finally rolling out the news related to its self-driven cars project.

Honda says that it has developed a plan for its self-driving cars’ project. The Japanese automaker says that it intends to release its almost fully-self-driven cars by 2025. The company also say that by 2020 its self-driving cars will touch the highways. And by 2040, the automaker aims to build self-driving cars which would detect near collision incidents.

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The highway self-driven project by Honda in 2020 aims to incorporate features like freeway driving system. This system would still require a human to sit and monitor the cars but could relax a bit when on highways.

Honda also explained that their next phase of self-driven cars would be better in driving the cars themselves. However, there still would be certain limitations like driving in the bad weather.

With automakers going wild with the self-driving cars projects, every automaker intends to release an autonomous system where the cars would comfort the driver to at least certain level, soon.

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