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Toyota aims to release flying cars before 2020 Japan Olympics

Toyota Cartivator Flying Cars - 2020 Japan Olympics

Toyota is aiming to manufacture flying cars before the 2020 Japan Olympics. The Japanese car manufacturer has already invested in the startup company Cartivator who has tested their own flying cars recently.

The flying cars are miles away from taking their first flight. But the dedicated engineers and experts don’t see any hurdle in designing the new flying cars.

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The project leader of Cartivator Tsubasa Nakamura said:

I always loved planes and cars. And my longtime dream was to have a personal vehicle that can fly and go many places

With the efforts of these engineers and experts, Cartivator hopes to roll out their first model of flying cars in July this year. They call their concept car the “Skydrive”.

However, the company’s aim is to fly Skydrive on the torch lighting ceremony at the 2020 Japan Olympics. Toyota has already invested $385,000 in the startup company and hopes to see their investment resulting in best rewards.

Takaki Nakanishi, an auto analyst said:

Toyota’s business is centered on mobility, anything that moves, including people, things, money, information, energy

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