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Viber is introducing video messages and more


Recently, we learnt that Kik is adding a video calling feature which had been requested a lot by the users. Now Viber has announced a video tool of its own to compete with other rivals in the messaging app market. The new video tool feature allows users to send each other videos as messages through Viber. All it takes is a push of a button which is the equivalent of messaging app “push to talk” feature.

Viber’s new feature will be rolling out in the new version of the app. It will also include chat extensions which is the app’s equivalent of chat bots or Slack’s Slash Commands. They will allow people to ask for information from external services which includes apps like Giphy, Wikipedia and TheMovieDB into on-going chats with contacts. The app will go through a refreshing iconography as well. The app updates for iTunes and Android is going through final phase of approval. The messaging app, Viber, has 860 million registered users according to estimates and 260 million active users. The app is trying hard to compete and stand out from the mesh of messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Line and Kik.

Viber is trying hard to keep up with the latest developments in the messaging app genre and chat extensions. In recent developments, people have a lot of ways to send asynchronous video messages. This is also true for message bots. MMS is still an option on the phone which is more attractive to consumers because it charges less or no data based on the geographical distance. Slack is leading the information bots genre with Slash Commands. It is becoming an important collaboration tool in work places. Because of its instant information call from third party services.

The new Viber feature has collaborative information bots

Viber messaging service provides access directly from the message screen. It appears along the side of the paper aeroplane icon which is in use for message sending. Users have to press and hold the video camera icon, record themselves and let it go to send. This is similar to audio message service on Whatsapp.

In comparison to this easy way, sending video messages on Facebook and Whatsapp is a bit hard. One has to select images or videos and record videos or just select who to send to-is a lot of hassle. Viber is expecting this feature to be implemented along the way. It can provide a competition to Apple’s Facetime feature.

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The call for information bot can be accessed by adding @button at the bottom of the screen. The chat extensions will come out in a measured approach. The company is working closely with third part developers.

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A video version of how the new features work on Viber is shown below:

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