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Kik now has video calling feature

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Kik is a very famous chatting app among teenagers and young adults. It is mostly in use by people residing in North America and Asia Pacific. The application is finally adding a video calling service to its chat. The app has around 300 million and more registered users. It can support groups of more than six people and up. The kik video calling feature is less intrusive from the likes of Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook Messenger of the new Whatsapp video calling feature.

The feature on kik has been carefully designed to be less intrusive through layering. It does not interfere with what the person is doing on their phone. The additional layer of chat head lives above the chat conversation and is easily accessible. So when people are on their business not able to answer their video calls, there is less of a strain. The chat becomes a shared white space.

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The video streams are tiny and hover over the text chat without any obstruction. The interface puts the users own video feed to the other side so that they spend less time observing themselves. People won’t get distracted by their own appearance which is a deliberate move by the company. Textual conversations can continue during the video and has the option to share visual content like stickers, photos and videos during an activated session. The options are in access by flicking the video icon on the top right corner.

Video calling and chat bots are the future of messaging apps

The concept is to provide a feel of face to face conversation. Since, kids these days are more into virtual chatting with their friends than talking in person this is the perfect app. It provides communication which is reality centric for its teenage user base.

The company has spent time managing the message experience. It is also working on chat bots and video calling feature. The feature for video calls was the most requested one from the user base. Over 20,000 bots have been created from its bot store-which was introduced in April this year. Kik got an investment of over $1 billion from WeChat last year so it seems that there is a lot to come in the coming year.

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