Facebook Messenger launches group calling

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger recently tested audio calling on desktop. The company launched its voice calls for group on its mobile messenger this April. However, now it seems to be working on the feature to make it available for user home and office. It is a useful feature in the world of corporate conference calling. Traditionally, for conference calls and group calls Skype was used but it seems that Facebook will replace it very soon.

The company is testing out the feature in a very small scale right now. People who have access to this feature only see a small phone icon next to their group chats. With a single touch they can invite members and their friends to join the call. A lot of chat apps are working towards encrypting voice and video calls. It is a world beyond texts and other media.

Facebook Messenger to take on Houseparty

Oculus introduced a feature called Parties that provides VR to VR voice calling. Snapchat encrypted audio and video calling in its app this March. Slack is also in the race of using voice calls in its app along with video availability this week. Google will be adding audio call to its Duo video chat product. Video calling is available on WhatsApp and there have been 100 million audio calls made on it as of June, 2015.

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The company, Facebook, offered audio calling on desktop back in 2013 but is now making video VoIP more accessible. House party has made group calling more fun and interactive. Since, Meerkat is dead it seems the new venture Houseparty is working out pretty well for the company. Houseparty hit #4 on the iOS app chart and managed to raise $50 million by Sequoia.

Facebook Messenger will soon launch its own version of group video chat feature but there is little information on when this will happen.

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