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Twitter Lite: The new data-optimized mobile version of Twitter is here to rule more smartphones

Twitter Lite - The New Data-Optimized Mobile Version of Twitter

Twitter has now released its new data-optimized mobile version; Twitter Lite. It’s browser based, which means no downloading from an App Store or Google Play and saving users’ data package.

With smartphone is every hand, how could social media giants like Facebook and Twitter stand back? They need to cover every nook to capture the largest possible audience. The desktop wasn’t enough for them so they created a mobile app. And now Twitter comes with a mobile version (mobile.twitter.com) which is both user-friendly and saves users’ data.

Rolling out Twitter Lite, they company said:

It works on most smartphones and tablets without an App Store or Google Play account. You won’t need an email account or credit card either

With the new data-optimized mobile version of Twitter, users cold allow on-screen notifications, alerts, and can also access the social network when offline.

Although it would be hard to compete with Facebook Lite, Twitter still could gain their trust of users with this data-friendly service in large.

In Pakistan, Facebook is the top-most used social networking site. But still, when it comes to sharing information pieces with fewer words to say, Twitter is preferred by many.

With the Twitter Lite, users now can access news, information, and entertainment content anywhere, anytime, and by saving their mobile internet packages.

Did you know twitter now allows more than 140 characters?

Introducing Twitter Lite on mobile web! ?

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