Which Social Media Site Is Most Visited In Pakistan: Top 4 Social Networks In Pakistan

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Internet usage has been increasing in Pakistan rapidly, since the launch of 3G and 4G networks the internet penetration is surged dramatically. Internet usage surged to 17.8 percent in 2016 as compared to 2013 there was an increase of 7 percent. Internet usage in 2013 was around 10.9%.

According to 2016 statistics Pakistan has 34.3 Million users which have been increasing with every passing day. Due to this increased internet usage social media has become a prominent activity on the internet, In this article we will show you which Social platform is most visited and favorite in Pakistan.

Businesses can target their audience effectively if they know which platform is popular and where their targeted audience is, this might help in future planning.

1 Facebook

Facebook is the number 1 platform in Pakistan which is most visited in terms of visitors. Not only in Pakistan Facebook is most visited social network around the globe. Facebook is not the number one site in Pakistan, Google.com, Google.com.pk and Youtube are ahead of it, Facebook comes at number 4.

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2 LinkedIn

The second most visited social platform is LinkedIn, LinkedIn is ranked at number 22 in Pakistan, the websites that are ahead of LinkedIn are mainly News websites.

3 Instagram

Instagram is the 3rd most visited social network in Pakistan. Before writing this article I was thinking the Twitter would be placed after Facebook but Twitter is far behind in catching up with Facebook. Instagram is ranked at number 29 in overall most visited sites but it comes at number 3 in social networks category.

4 Twitter

Twitter just comes after Instagram in overall ranking which is at number 30. Twitter has improved its position since last few years. Twitter was not at this stage few years back, now it’s at number 4 in social media networks.

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