Teledensity in Pakistan: The number of mobile users in Pakistan jumped from 3.29% to 70.24%

Mobile Users in Pakistan - Mobile subscribers in Pakistan Data by PTA

From 5 million to 137 million mobile users in Pakistan, in just 13 years.

Would you believe if I would say that Pakistan is a poor country? I guess not! Where we often hear that people don’t have enough money to buy a 2-time meal, exactly at the same time mobile users in Pakistan stands at almost 68% of the total population.

Early in 2002, when mobile phones were making their place in hands the number of mobile subscribers in Pakistan wasn’t more than 3.29 persons per 100 persons (teledensity). And as of Feb 2017, the teledensity in Pakistan is crossing 70.

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Now almost everyone knows that before Apple’s iPhone market share and Android’s growing popularity in Pakistan, Nokia was one of the favorite mobile phones in Pakistan. And Mobilink was the top attractive cellular company.

But the figures which I’m going to share aren’t usually getting any acknowledgment by a common man. The data (infographic) is an extract from Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA).

Mobile Users in Pakistan

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