Zong 4G LTE Vs Warid 4G LTE: Which Mobile 4G Network Is Best For You- Speedtests

zong 4G lte vs Warid 4g lte

Zong 4G LTE and Warid 4G LTE are the two most popular mobile networks when it comes to 4G speeds and usage. Some people might tell you that Warid 4G LTE is the best to use if you are after speed and connectivity, other might say opposite. The fact is; it really depends on 3 things:


  • Your mobile
  • Your Location
  • Your Network

For instance, if you have good LTE enabled mobile with blazing processing speeds, and you have selected good 4G LTE network it still depends on your location and mobile reception/signals. If you are getting good signals where you are, then both Warid 4G and Zong 4G will not disappoint you.

If you are lacking in any of the above requirements then you may face problems in speeds you wish to receive.

Let’s start with comparison of both;

Zong 4G LTE

Zong is the most popular and no one 4G/LTE mobile network in Pakistan, not only it has peppier speeds but also it has wider area of coverage across Pakistan. To see the coverage map visit here. Below are the Zong 4G LTE speedtests:





To see the Zong Internet packages visit; Zong 4G Internet packages and choose which one suits you.


Warid 4G LTE

Warid is the second most popular 4G network in Pakistan, it has speeds matching Zong 4G network if you are in covered area, but Warid has shown some issues if you move around and go farther, reception becomes poor. Warid has upper hand on Zong in terms of packages. Warid offers cheaper packages with more data volume. To check Warid internet packages please visit Warid 4G LTE internet bundles.

Below are the screenshots of Warid speedtests:





You may choose Warid if you receive good reception and connectivity in your area because it is cheaper with more volume. But if you are a frequent commuter then I would recommend you to use Zong 4G.

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