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Singapore first 5G pilot network would be launched this year

Singapore’s first 5G pilot network will be launched during the fourth quarter early next year. The country’s largest carrier Singtel (owner of Optus in Australia) has announced today that the company is planning to launch 5G pilot network at Singapore’s tech hub of One-North by the 4th Quarter of the year.

Singapore is going to introduce blazing fast 5G network soon

Singtel has partnered with Ericsson in order to launch 5G network using 700MHz and 28GHz frequencies. As 700MHz frequency is mainly used for broadcasting local analog TV, the company will cut down the network to tap on frequency while it’s in use. However, Singapore will reclaim the 700MHz band once the analog TV switches over to digital.

It’s worth mentioning that the company is not planning to commercialize the 5G network for public use, rather they are testing it for drone delivery trials and autonomous car driving over 5G, people who are curious about experiencing superfast 5G speeds with low latency have to wait little more until Singapore announces mass expansion of the network, said SingTel spokesperson.

There was a time when we were unaware of the 4G network and it was just over half a decade ago, in the UK first commercially launched 4G service was enabled in October 2012 by EE carrier. Just half a decade ago we experienced 4G but there was less time between experiencing 3G to 4G network, but 5G network development has taken little longer to start, it’s been 9 years since the first 4G commercial service was launched in late 2009 in Sweden and Norway.

But it seems the 5G network is on the verge of being deployed globally, AT&T has announced 3 new cities to roll out its 5G services to, other countries around the world including South Korea, UK and China are planning to start 5G network trials this year, since there are no smartphones as yet supporting 5G technology, some companies have announced to launch 5G enabled devices in early 2019.

The low-latency in 5G technology is the key feature, the telecom industry is excited about the 5G technology along with AR and VR developers, 5G could be used in factories for robotics, in drones for deliveries, in autonomous cars, along with high-resolution VR and AR calls. There would be much more to see when it becomes the reality

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