AT&T Will Be The First In The World To Start Offering 5G Services

AT&T is the world’s largest Telecom Company with total revenues over $163.8 billion based in the United States. The company has over 38 subsidiaries working in different domains and countries.

AT&T first announced it’s by the end of April about its 5G evolution plans, The Company first planned to deliver twice the speed of current 4G technology in 20 major metro areas, which is theoretically not correct.

 “5G Evolution Will Deliver Twice the Speed and Infinite Possibilities in Austin Starting Today” 

5G Evolution is the next generation service which is not invented yet, according to techworld, 4G technology claims to be 5 times faster than 3G and has a potential to deliver speeds of up to 100mbps.

However, 5G technology must deliver 3 times faster speeds than 4G which comes to 450mbps in a single stream, 900mpbs in a double-stream and 1.3GB (three-stream). Theoretically, 5G would be offering download speeds of up to 10,000mbps.

However, Verge in a blog post criticized AT&T and called it a “Cheap Marketing Tactic”, the blog post says, 5G technology doesn’t exist yet, what AT&T is referring to is T-Mobile already achieve in 2016 “Twice the speed of ordinary 4G LTE network”.

According to verge, AT&T is referring to the service which can be classed as LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro.

But AT&T has acquired straight path communications for $1.25 billion which has advanced technology over wireless communications. It is one of the largest holders of 28 GHz and 39 GHz millimeter wave spectrum used in mobile communications.

Straight Path is one of the largest holders of 28 GHz and 39 GHz millimeter wave spectrum used in mobile communications. Because Millimeter wave spectrum is expected to play a vital role in 5G development AT&T already holds this ground to test its arsenals. Moreover, earlier this year, AT&T also announced to acquire private FiberTower and its millimeter wave spectrum rights.

Nevertheless, 5G technology is not yet invented AT&T is spurring to get hands on it, though Verizon is also sprinting in this competition and acquired XO Communications for $1.8 billion which gave it access to millimeter wave spectrum.

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