Save Your Precious Time with Microsoft Edge

Following Google, Microsoft Edge new time-saving feature, users can type commands into the address bar.

Microsoft Edge

With Microsoft Edge, users can now save their time by typing commands directly into the browser’s address bar.

Google recently rolled out a feature for Chrome designed specifically for power users and keyboard shortcut fans. Chrome Actions also improved Omnibox’s functionalities to make it more than a combined address and search bar.

Following Google, Microsoft Edge is also in action. With this new time-saving feature, users can type commands into the address bar to avoid navigating through menus or remembering where certain settings can be found. This new feature is termed Pedals and works in a similar manner.

For instance, check for Edge updates; type ‘update edge’ in the address bar (without the quotation marks). Or, if you want to remove your historical data, type ‘delete history,’ hit ‘Enter,’ and your browsing history would be wiped out.

The list of commands is still awaiting a release, but you still get suggestions to learn what is possible.

You might think that typing a command is more time-consuming than finding the actual setting it’s worth mentioning that some settings and options are deeply buried and aren’t always in the most obvious locations.

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