Samsung Eyeing to become the First Company to Launch Foldable Smartphone in Market

Samsung is eyeing to become the first company to launch a foldable smartphone in the market. Although there are a few foldable smartphones available, Samsung wants to introduce a foldable device with just a single display that can be folded.

Samsung Electronics Co.’s IT and Mobile division head Koh Dong-jin said “We are focused on bringing innovations favored by consumers, rather than just becoming the world’s first. In terms of the foldable phone, however, we do not want to miss the first spot.”

Samsung is planning to launch in February 2019 at Mobile World Congress

It is rumored that Samsung Foldable smartphone will have a 7-inch display that will be folded into half. Also, there will be another display for notifications when the phone will be folded.

As the phone is foldable, it has good features it is expected that the phone will be quite expensive. It will be priced around $2,000 and it might be called Samsung Galaxy F.

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Huawei is also planning to develop and launch a foldable smartphone before Samsung. Let us see which smartphone maker beats the other and makes a better foldable smartphone for the people.

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