Samsung Begging For More Chips From Qualcomm

Samsung AMD GPU

Like many other manufacturers, Samsung is struggling with the chip crisis. As one of the largest manufacturers, there is a correspondingly great need, but apparently, even the smartphone boss of the group flashed off during his visits to Snapdragon supplier Qualcomm.

As reported by the Korean portal The Elec, TM Roh, who has headed Samsung Electronics’ most important division – namely the smartphone division – for some time, apparently visited the US chip company Qualcomm several times this year at its headquarters in San Diego. He should be negotiating there so that Qualcomm can deliver more Snapdragon SoCs to Samsung.

Samsung asking for more Chips

But Roh’s mission apparently failed. In March and also in July, the head of Samsung Mobile even flew to the United States to hold talks there “with a large chip manufacturer”. Qualcomm is not explicitly identified as the interlocutor that Roh visited in the US, but there is no other chip company based there that supplies Samsung with chips for mobile devices on a large scale.

In any case, despite the multiple visits by the senior manager from Korea, the US partner was allegedly unwilling to give preference to the electronics giant for its chip deliveries or to increase the number of units as hoped. Samsung, therefore, has to carefully weigh up which smartphone models are equipped with the available chips, after all, there is a lot of strategy behind the business.