Momina Ashraf – LUMS Student Robbed by an Armed Uber Driver in Lahore

Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) student has shared her traumatic experience on social media, with one of the leading ride-hailing apps in Pakistan, Uber.

The LUMS student, Momina Ashraf took the cab from her university to Thokar Niaz Baig on Thursday. She said that the Uber driver asked her about her institution.

Momina said that the driver, “asked me to lend my mobile phone for an emergency call but threatened me with his gun when I asked to return it”.

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Adding, “In a state of utter confusion, I started calling the people outside and jumped from the car and suffered several injuries on my body.”

She said, “I called up my dad who pulled strings in several places which led to an extremely efficient and thorough investigation of the entire incident.”

Momina shared the lessons, that she learned through this ride and said, “Lesson being that these rides are no longer safe: if you must, please take at least one person along since it is easier to scare a lone person. This was not just a matter of theft but a kidnapping attempt. It is very important to be vigilant. Make sure to share your driver’s details and car plate with at least 2-3 people. Also, try not to share unnecessary details with anyone, if someone seems creepy or out of the way friendly, avoid him/her at all costs. These are dark times, and crime is on the rise. Please secure yourselves in whatever way possible. Get hold of pepper spray, and use it mercilessly.”

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Momina is hopeful that the criminal will be caught, as she said, “I request everyone to please pray that the criminal is caught as soon as possible so that justice can be served and an example can be set that these monsters can not easily get away with such heinous crimes. Once again, please stay safe and help others be safe.”




On Twitter Momina’s sister, Mishaal also shared this incident saying, “The important thing to note here is that it’s not just girls who are unsafe. Had it been a guy, I’m sure he would have had to suffer the same consequences. Please please do pray that the right guy gets caught so that an example can be set and this pathetic service can be banned.”