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Careem and Uber Driver Murders – Ride-Hailing Services the Real Target?

In a span two months, reportedly three drivers have been killed in Pakistan from different ride-hailing services.

In February the news came about the murder of a Careem Captain Junaid Mustafa in the Sector G-13/1, near Street 79 in Islamabad. Mustafa lived in Islamabad and was an employer of Careem for past three months. Junaid was shot many times from a thirty-bore pistol in the chest and on the left arm and his right hand and arm also showed signs of injuries.

Then just a few days back Sajawal Ameer who was a twenty-two-year-old Careem Captain was murdered by unidentified individuals on the night of Monday in Rawalpindi. As per Police Ameer was shot multiple times by gunmen as they tried to snatch his car away in Naseerabad police area.

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Now only yesterday the news came that an Uber driver, Shahnawaz who was a fifty-year-old was found dead late Saturday night in the area of Bufferzone, Karachi. The news was confirmed by the police officials. As per the police reports, the murderer shot the Uber driver from the front seat window as it was the only window that was open, the rest of the windows were closed with no bullet signs.

Now the drivers of both the services are really concerned. It seems that it is not the drivers who were the target, the real target seems to be the ride-hailing services.

As per the Islamabad Superintendent of Police (SP) Investigation Zubair Sheikh, the incident is being investigated. He said, “It appeared to be a vehicle snatching incident.”

Adding, “Our department is working closely with ride-hailing services to avoid any troubles in the future.”

Careem’s Chief Executive Mudassar Sheikh said, “A sense of insecurity prevails among our staff. We just want protection to earn a livelihood for our families in a secure and peaceful environment.”

It is a bad sign for the ride-hailing services and their customers that such incidents are taking place. It is a moment of concern for everyone and an action is necessary to put a stop to these brutal killings.