Microsoft updates the Copilot user interface for web, iOS, and Android users

Copilot, It is a chat assistant that uses generative AI. As we all know, It is based on the DALL-E 3 and GPT-4 models from OpenAI. It is capable of carrying out numerous activities, including responding to inquiries and creating graphics from text descriptions. It is, in summary, an excellent productivity tool for users. You are mistaken if you think the app might operate on a subscription basis because it is available for free. With the latest update, Microsoft has revealed that it is updating the Copilot app for iOS and Android to provide a better user experience with a revised chat window UI. The updated Copilot online interface is now available.

A cleaner, sleeker look and feel for answers and a fun new carousel of suggested prompts to showcase the power of Copilot,” is what Microsoft claims the revamp delivers. “A more streamlined look and feel designed to help you bring your ideas to life and more easily gain understanding about the world,” the business continues, is another benefit of the new user interface.

Precisely a year after introducing AI-powered capabilities in Bing Chat, Microsoft is introducing the redesigned user interface. Microsoft claims that Copilot has already generated over 5 billion photos and conducted over 5 billion talks. The business just unveiled Copilot Pro, a premium version of the app that promises quicker responses and better-quality photos.

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