Microsoft Store Receives a New Facebook App

Microsoft store gets a beta version, which is a new Facebook Beta app is a progressive web app (PWA).

A new Facebook app suddenly appeared in the Microsoft Store. The Store received the beta version and is different than the previous version.

The Facebook app was earlier removed from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 in March 2020. And a year later, the store gets a beta version, which is a new Facebook Beta app is a progressive web app (PWA).

As of now, the new app doesn’t appear to be any different from Facebook’s website when opened on any browser.

According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, the PWA uses the Microsoft Edge Chromium installation of the Facebook website. If a user visits Facebook’s website in the new Microsoft Edge and installs the website as an app, you’ll see the option to open the Facebook app instead.

To use the new app, a user must be on Windows 10 version 19003 or higher and need the latest Microsoft Edge version, as informed.

Since the Facebook Beta app is just an installed website, it doesn’t offer any different experience than what users may expect within a browser. It only provides another way to install a Facebook experience on Windows 10.

It is unfamiliar for many to install websites as apps. By having an app in the store, Facebook makes it a lot easier to find a way to browse it.

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