Microsoft Mocks Apple MacBook Air With New Surface Laptop 4 Ad

Surface Laptop 4

Last year, Apple announced the start of its transition to its own Apple Silicon chips. This gave birth to the impressive 24-inch iMac M1 or the excellent Apple MacBook Air M1 that we were able to test. With this transition, Apple is using an advantage that the brand already had in the smartphone industry: it has long been designing its own chips that are both rather economical and above all very efficient.

On the PC side, impossible to answer for the moment. Intel solutions are not good, and even AMD, which has the advantage, cannot completely compete in the ultraportable segment with what Apple offers: PCs without ventilation, and therefore completely silent, and yet very efficient in use. Windows 10 ARM does not seem ready for the challenge posed by Apple either and it would also require a nice progression from Qualcomm, or the arrival of a new chipmaker in the equation.

In the meantime, we have to figure it out, and at Microsoft this involves comparative advertising.

Microsoft Hits The MacBook Air Where It Hurts

To accompany the launch of the new Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, the firm has published an advertisement that goes directly to the comparison with the rival.

The video evokes for example the presence of a touch screen, while the MacBook Air does not have a touch screen. Moreover, Apple does not seem close to merging the iPad and the MacBook, despite the arrival of iOS applications on macOS. It also points to the only USB-C connection of the MacBook, which will require you to go through adapters, while the Surface Laptop offers a USB-A port along with a USB-C port.

Microsoft’s last argument, probably the least convincing: the Surface Laptop can run a lot of software, especially video games. Here the firm refers to the price to pay for the transition to Apple Silicon chips: some Intel applications are no longer compatible with the new Macs. If the comparison is legitimate, it should be remembered that the incompatible applications have for the most part already been adapted, thanks to the strike force of Apple when the firm attacks this kind of transformation.

Also on the subject of video games, the Surface Laptop is certainly “compatible” with more games, but its graphics performance will greatly limit its possibilities. Ironically, the best way to play on these machines may be through the Microsoft xCloud cloud gaming service recently released in beta, or through one of its competitors.