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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 And Surface Pro 8 Images Leaked


Earlier we had a leaked prototype of Microsoft Surface Pro 8 which was listed on eBay. At the beginning of October Microsoft announced the Surface Pro X 2020 and a new product of the line, or Laptop Go arrived in Europe in October and November. The appeal, however, lacked two important names: those of Surface Laptop 4 and Pro 8. The causes are easy to trace: in all likelihood, the pandemic has forced Redmond to revise its plans.

The fact is that to date we still have no official indication, not even a rough one, on when Microsoft intends to present them. And if the Surface Pro 8 had at least a possible prototype on eBay, we have seen absolutely nothing of the Laptop 4, neither true nor false. At least until today: the user cozy planes have in fact posted on Twitter two images that should portray the devices in question.

Colleagues from WindowsCentral then reconstructed that these are functional shots to obtain a certification necessary for marketing on the Korean market. The image on the left portrays Surface Laptop 4, and the one on the right Pro 8: in both cases, we cannot see any change in the excellent minimal design that already characterized the previous versions. However, it is not certain that there is not some aesthetic change: who knows, maybe we could see the bezels around the screen thinning. But the air is that of simple hardware updates, without any disruption.

As usual, the certification process indicates that a product is approaching launch: again according to WindowsCentral, Microsoft would have scheduled it for the beginning of 2021, and precisely in January – together with that of a black version for Surface Go 2. Laptop 4 is expected to come equipped with 11th generation Intel processors with Iris Xe graphics, and an AMD option should remain possible.

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