Japan To Finalize Proposal On Package Delivery By Drone & Self-Driving Trucks On June 9th 2017

Japan is coming up with better, fresh and advance changes in the field of technology. Now on June 9th Japan would confirm its plan on package delivery by drone till 2020 and introduction of self-driving trucks by 2022.

Also the government wants to analyze medical and health related issues through the use of AI and Big Data.

The aim of the country is to transform the transport system, bring advancement in supply chain, improving life expectancy, developing infrastructure and consuming financial technology as per a source.

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Moreover in order to allow some companies to experiment more and come up with new technologies the government is providing temporary ease on regulations. Using regulatory sandbox the government has given a free hand to few firms so that they can bring something new and different for the people.  

The workforce of Japan has reduced drastically which is why delivery by drones and self-driving vehicles are an urgency for the country. The example of this drastic reduction in workforce of Japan is Yamato Holdings Co the largest parcel shipper in Japan, who said that it would increase prices and cut delivery volumes due to shortage of employers. This came as a shock for the consumers.

Moreover Japan is looking for financial technology for future development. Also government is working on a strategy to introduce free of cost education for low-income families.