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Why Pakistani’s Still Use Regular Taxi Over Uber & Careem?

Public transport ranging from buses, rickshaws to taxis has been a significant feature of Pakistan’s transport system. Unlike many other countries you don’t find people commuting from one place to another on bicycles. Also there is not a sophisticated system for public transport established in Pakistan like it is in other foreign lands.

Recently the taxi services globally present have reached Pakistan as well. Uber, Careem and A- Taxi, these taxi giants are offering their services in Pakistan. Can they rule over the traditional taxi system or not, that remains a question.

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The positive aspect of online taxi is that you don’t need to stand in sun, waiting for a taxi to approach you. You can just click a button and the taxi would come to your service.

Why Pakistani’s still use regular taxi over online taxi?

  1. A new system has been introduced in the country. It would take time and continuous effort for it to make its mark in the Pakistani community.
  2. Many people don’t even have a smartphone to download Uber or Careem App and use its services so they prefer the traditional way of stopping a regular taxi or bus.
  3. There are people still unaware of any online taxi service available in Pakistan.
  4. People who know about these online taxi giants assume that the price ranges would be so high that they drop the idea of taking a ride on it.
  5. People don’t change easily. Convince them to change. Persuasion by all means is still required by online taxi companies.

What online taxis should do to appeal more customers?

Create Awareness! Create Awareness! Create Awareness!

  1. Aware the people as much as you can. Half the population of Pakistan doesn’t even know what an online taxi is.
  2. Reach to the grass root level. You can’t ignore the lower, middle class of a country.
  3. Provide some other options than by downloading App to approach these taxis. For Pakistani audience improvisation is necessary. Get some traditional means to approach to the people.

Advice for Traditional regular taxi drivers & companies

This is a beginning of new online taxi system in Pakistan. At the moment it has not reached to the masses but soon it would. Be prepared. Find some options to improve the regular taxi system so that it can still survive when the competition gets neck to neck.