iPhone 6 phone slowing down? Your batteries are rigged by Apple


Recent revelations show that there is a feature on iPhone that slows it down eventually. This isn’t a secret anymore, Apple has said so after a researcher for Geekbench illustrated how much slower an old iPhone 6S was compared to a brand new iPhone 6S. Apple, then revealed the existence of algorithms that handle processing power on iPhone’s with batteries that are in poor condition.

Apple controls the eager chip to avoid unexpected shutdowns due to the processor consuming too much power. The iPhone remains active, just does not perform well. If you own an iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, or an iPhone SE then it’s already rooted inside the software. It’s also coming to the iPhone 7 as part of iOS 11.2, and to other iPhones in the future.

Why do the batteries slow down with time?

The science behind is that batteries do not have infinite power supply and become less efficient over time-it is how lithium Ion batteries work. Users can likewise buy a new battery which costs from $80 to upward, depending on the phone model. This will make the phone last longer between charging. Apple batteries are designed to retain 80 percent capacity for at least 500 charging cycles (that take some years to cross under normal use).

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Image via lelong