Online shopping. A smile on everyone’s face appears when this title is mentioned. Nowadays, this has become quite an interesting activity online. Going to physical markets, buying fashion products from there and being worried about the prices, these all matters are very insignificant now. We are not just talking about the Western community. These all things are happening here, in Pakistan.

If this e-commerce thing has become popular then there are obviously some trends in online shopping that are rejoicing people over here. Let’s have a deep insight:

Popular Categories

If you have ever shopped anything from well-known online marketplaces such as GetNow and Homeshopping, and many others, you might be familiar with the product categories. If not, let us explain this to you. These marketplaces have official websites that represent the types of products as well as their brands in order to make it convenient for the audience. These product types are actually the categories, for example, lifestyle, electronics, personal care, home appliances etc. Considering the latest trends, lifestyle is winning over here. Apparels and many other fashion products are very much adored by the buyers. More particularly the women are into this fashion mania.

Then it comes to mobile phones. The fancy outlooks and high-tech specs are very useful and charming. Samsung, Apple, Oppo, Nokia, Huawei and many other labels are appreciated.

The third one is the personal care category. People love to groom and make their appearances more appealing by buying online some beauty products like lipsticks.

Electronic Devices as Medium

Well, you have now the knowledge regarding online marketplaces but where exactly are you going to view the website? Now, here comes another trend. People use the laptops or desktop computers but in coming years, smartphones will be the ones who will win. Even today, most of the searches are via mobile phones.

Worth of Discounts, Delivery, and Payment

People love discounts. Anything that is sold at a reduced price is always valued by the buyers. But you know what, in coming years, people will be able to pay the right amount to buy the product online just because of fast home delivery and easy payment method like cash on delivery. If such services are fast, then why not everyone would admire this!

Online shopping is the growing industry in Pakistan. More and more people are becoming interested in this mode in order to save time as well as money. Keeping these trends in mind, let’s see what the future brings to the retailers!


  1. but let me tell you one thing . homeshoppin is market place website but is not market place its like website who sell products by using their website no one can create account their . which means these types of websites selling stock by their self. marketplace websites are those who allow other to create account and sell with them . but only homeshopping is marketplace website.


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