Google ads gets mute button for pestering ads—Users can now mute ads

You might be thinking of the ads for long that there should be a way that you could get rid of ads that are increasingly pestering in nature. Google ads mute button is now coming to solve your problem.

Google will now allow people to “Mute” ads that induce users to buy products from the website that they have visited previously. The nature of this type of advertisement is known as remarketing in Google advertisement. These ads normally track users behavior which products they browsed online and promote them across the web.

According to Google, these ads were “useful” which provides a follow up for the companies and track users to generate more sales but it should provide more control to the users over what they want to see online.

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Now the reminder ads will be inherently “mutable” on the websites connected to Google services to generate ads. However, the muted ads will be replaced with other adverts from various advertisers. Also, there would not be an option to get rid of reminder ads completely.

This is just to provide users more control over what ads they do not wish to see any more if they have muted them. It is good if you visited a site and do not wish to buy a product from them and they keep following you to buy the product creates frustration, simply muting those ads means you are not interested in any offer from that particular website.

The new update would be rolled out as part of Google ad settings which is available to people who have Google account. The account dashboard will show the details about the companies and their ads that are following the user.

The first Google’s feature to mute ads was rolled out in 2012, the feature named “Mute this Ad” hides the advertisement which users do not wish to see, Google said that feature is used million times every day. Its worth mentioning that the reminder ads for big companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google itself and others would not be affected; this means you may not be able to mute such ads.