Fingerprints and face scan will be mandatory to buy a SIM card in Thailand

Fingerprints or face scan will be mandatory to buy a SIM card in Thailand. The government of Thailand to impose this law from the next month because the kingdom tries to start a crackdown against the electronics fraud and mobile banking frauds.

Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia are already using a biometric system to issue SIM card to users, the same system will be implemented in Thailand on Dec 15, telecoms regulators said.

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“Our money is linked to our mobile phone services because we are living in a digital age. The trust on mobile banking or payment will be improved by taking this step,” said secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), Takorn Tantasith.

The problems accord when some people get SIM cards and register them by using a fake identity, we assure that the user’s privacy would be protected, Takorn added.

The face scan and fingerprints system will be linked with Thai national ID cards data, tourist will also be required to have face-scan checked against the photo posted on their passport.

The government of Thailand had realized to regulate the SIM cards when two Chinese men were arrested by Thai Police Department who had managed to buy around 400,000 Thai SIM cards for a “click farm” operation.