Facebook Snooze: Have Annoying friends on Facebook? Get rid of them silently

Facebook has added a new feature in its application to avoid your most annoying friends silently—

You may not be able to unfriend your friend for some reasons but sometimes friends can be really annoying if they have an attitude to share, comment and like posts you may not be interested in, these posts will show up in your Facebook timeline more often and your News Feed is filled with what you do not wish to see more often.

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The social giant has now created Snooze option for you which you can use to mute pages, groups and people and for specific time as well, you can easily block their updates making way to your News Feed, you can choose an option to Snooze accounts and pages for 24 hours, a week or a month.

Yes, make your life easier for 24 hours or a week or even for a month, peace for one long month, you can Snooze an account by going into the menu from the post you see in your News Feed, from the top right corner of the post just click menu and select the option “Unfollow” or “Snooze”.

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However, Snooze is a better option than completely unfollow someone; you may miss an important update from your friend even if he is annoyed by choosing this option.

Snooze is not available to all the users of Facebook yet, it is being tested by Facebook currently, and the feature will be rolling on in the next couple of weeks hopefully. For now, you can only unfollow someone completely if you do not wish to see a single post from them, or just wait for few weeks to manage your headache more effectively.