How To Avoid And Get Rid Of Careem Peak Factor?

First of all, we need to understand the concept of peak pricing. In simplest terms, peak pricing means that when demand increases and supply is limited, prices are increased in order to accommodate the demand.

Careem Peak Factor has become quite a concern for the customers. They have to pay double sometimes triple the usual payment.

Now the question is how you can avoid Careem Peak Factor?

Well here is the solution. Careem offered package system through which customers can buy KMs by paying some money.

As you can see in the picture, you have ‘Buy a Package’ option which you can avail to avoid peak factor.

Now there are three packages available

  • The first one is to use 400 km for any trips and you need to pay Rs 8100 for it


  • The second is use 100 km for any trips and pay Rs 2400 for it


  • The third is to use 200 km for any trips and pay Rs 4400 for it


There are many benefits of using package system option.

  • Easily avoid peak factor using package option
  • Get rid of airport surcharges
  • The price remains same, you ride now or later
  • Customer support is the priority
  • Better deal for a longer journey/trip

There is a criterion for package option

  • The car will be Go type
  • Waiting time should not be more than 2 km
  • After activation, package will expire in 31 days
  • You cannot refund or transfer the money

Every great scenario does have a catch. The package option offered by Careem has its drawbacks. The car can only be Go Type which is a disadvantage. Customers cannot use the promo code and the package expires in 31 days. Moreover, minimum 5km will count, so if you are taking 2km ride Careem will charge you for 5 km.

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