Chinese And International Customers Poll Results On Mi 11 Without Charger Are Almost The Same

Xiaomi Mi 11 poll

It was confirmed before the release that Mi 11 would not come with a charger, and many users opposed it. With the two choices of the standard version and package version after the release, users also like Xiaomi. So what do international users think?

Recently, a popular website has launched a public opinion survey on the Xiaomi Mi 11 does not come with a charger. Judging from the current voting results, the opinions of international users are surprisingly consistent with those of domestic Chinese users.

The poll contains three choices: “This is a wrong decision”, “Support”, and “It doesn’t matter”. The current voting result of “This is a wrong decision” is in the absolute lead, accounting for 74.51%. The proportions of “support” and “indifferent” are 11.76% and 13.73% respectively.

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It can be seen from the poll that the vast majority of international users still disagree with the cancellation of the Xiaomi Mi 11’s included charger.

Judging from the voting results of the Chinese website on whether to support Xiaomi’s cancellation of the charger, the current “opposition” is also in an absolute leading position, accounting for 69.1%. And “support” and “indifferent” accounted for 18.4% and 12.5% ​​respectively.

Judging from the voting results of local and foreign users, the opinions on Xiaomi’s cancellation of the charger are basically the same, and most of them do not agree with the practice of canceling the charger.

However, compared with Apple’s transfer of environmental protection responsibility to users, Xiaomi’s plan has achieved environmental protection options to users, which maximizes the protection of users’ interests, and also allows users to change their attitude from complaints to acceptance and support. According to Lei Jun’s live broadcast, 20,000 units of the Mi 11 Standard Edition without charger and data cable have been sold, which means that 20,000 consumers have voluntarily contributed to environmental protection and also supported them with practical actions. Xiaomi’s environmental protection concept.