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Xiaomi Mi 11 Users Can Now Register To Order Free Charger Within 30 Days Of Purchase

Xiaomi Mi 11

We didn’t expect that Xiaomi Mi 11 decided not to include the charger and data cable randomly, which is more environmentally friendly than Apple.

However, Xiaomi has finally decided to leave the choice in the hands of users, the standard version and package version (including 55-watt GaN charger and Type-C data cable) are priced the same.

Some users broke the news that although they grabbed the Mi 11 standard version, they can register for a penny to purchase the charger + data cable after communicating with the customer service, which is valid within 30 days. Xiaomi explained that it is to protect users. Use experience.

If you are starting with the standard version, and you have a need for a 55-watt GaN charging adapter and a data cable, you might as well try to apply.

It is reported that the original gallium nitride 55-watt line charger kit of Xiaomi Mi 11 is priced at 99 yuan and will be officially released at 0:00 on January 1. The Xiaomi 55W GaN charger can provide 55W fast charging for Xiaomi Mi 11, and can also provide fast charging support for Xiaomi 10 (30W), Redmi K30 Pro (33W), Redmi K30 5G (30W), etc. Of course, for students who have bought Xiaomi 10 Pro, and Xiaomi 10 Extreme, a 65w GaN charger will charge Xiaomi 11, which can support 55w fast charge.

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