Apple promises a solution for the iPhone 8 earpiece problem

Some iPhone 8 users are complaining about a problem with the earpiece while making a call. The earpiece is said to be making some crackling or static noise that disturbs the audio. it’s like a popping sound-irritating and weird.

On many forums, this issue has been reported.

Apple claims that the problem is coming only in a small number of phones and that the company is trying to fix the issue via software update. An Apple spokesperson said, “We are aware of the issue which is affecting customers in a small number of cases, Our team is at work on a fix, which will be included in an upcoming software release.”

The reason behind this fault is not yet clear. The problem seems to be affecting both iPhone 8 and 8plus.

This issue is being experienced by different users around the world.

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The crackling sound hits only during some phone and facetime calls. The problem does not seem to affect every other call. Also, this issue is not faced if the phone is put on the loudspeaker. This indicates that it might be a software issue as Apple claims as the hardware is intact and is not showing the problem continuously.

Apple did not offer any time for the release of the fixing software, but it usually launches several updates in weeks and months of its new phone and operating system release.

This is the second assurance Apple has given for the software fix during this month.  Earlier a software fix for the Apple watch Series 3 was also assured. The software issue in the watch was making it connect with unverified wi-fi networks other than handing off to LTE causing some major problems.

The iPhone 8 issue is not that big but still a constant source of annoyance for the earliest purchasers.


image via: Forbes