iPhone 8 and 8 plus will charge $100 to replace glass back

glass back

One of the significant design changes in the new iPhone 8 configuration was the shiny glass back. That was not an uplifting news for many individuals as they may break the glass back effectively and it will cost them more cash.

All things considered, the terrible news transformed into a far more detestable piece when it was uncovered today that the glass back will cost much more to repair than the front (more than 3 times). Under the Apple Care+, the front board will cost $30 to repair and the back glass board will come in “other damage” classification and will cost $99 for both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Imagine paying a $100 for replacing a broken glass back?

Above all else, you should have an Apple Care+ membership, at that point your iPhone will be qualified as repairable by Apple for a long time. The Apple Care+ itself costs $129 for the iPhone 8 and $149 for the iPhone 8 Plus. The fact of the matter is, don’t crush your iPhone 8 glass back or repairing it will cost you as much cash as a decent Android cell phone costs.

What’s more, the Apple Care+ will cost you $29 for the screen and $99 for “other damage” for just two cases. From that point onward, you’ll need to pay $349 for any harm for the iPhone 8 and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus. So on the off chance that you break the glass for the third time, replacing your iPhone with another Android cell phone would be a superior decision.

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Furthermore, there is no affirmation on how much the iPhone X screen will cost to repair. We can state that Apple will absolutely charge more than the consistent $30 for the screen substitution of iPhone X. As the screen is greater and it will be restricted in supply.

Image via iPhone8Biz