Apple HomePod 15 Update Might Bring More Problems

Apple Homepod

There are currently more and more user reports about sudden failures of Apple HomePods. Indications point to problems with beta and the current version of the software. Especially the interaction with Apple TV and stereo operation seems to be problematic. Earlier we also had reports of the overheating problems along with the update.

The HomePod can become Unusable

Apple is usually very reserved when it comes to public statements about problems with its products. And so the latest reports of complete failures with HomePod speakers come from affected users, who are venting their anger with increasing frequency on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and various support forums. As MacRumors mentions in its report, many of the error messages are related to the beta version of the HomePod 15 software, but version 14.6 is also said to cause problems.

Among other things, the description of a real HomePod enthusiast who says he operates 19 of the Apple speakers is interesting: “6 of them are on the beta version and the others on 14.6. As of today, 7 no longer work.” In doing so, the user also provides a clue that stands out in the context of many other reports: the failures seem to occur very frequently when the HomePods are selected as the default speakers for Apple TV or are operated in stereo mode. Some of those affected describe that there is unusually strong heat development of the hardware in these configurations.

Apple not helping at the moment

Since there has been a sharp increase in error messages since the release of version 14.6 and beta version 15, a connection can clearly be suspected here. In the case that it is a pure software problem, there is of course reason to hope that Apple will soon take care of the issue officially. We recommend HomePod users to update to version 14.6 or higher until the issue is resolved: Avoid updating to version 14.6 or beta 15 and, if in doubt, disconnect the device completely from the network – in 2019, a bug in the HomePod software ultimately made it necessary to replace devices.