Apple Homepod 15 Update Creates Overheating Problem

Apple Homepod Beta update was released recently, according to various reports and user feedback on the Reddit community and Twitter, the update causes heat problems in the device, after upgrading to the 15 Beta version, there will be obvious overheating, which is severe enough to cause the device to shut down or damage the logic board.

A Reddit user posted in the Reddit community: “If you have upgraded to HomePod OS 15, then I recommend you unplug all HomePod power supplies. Overheating of the device will damage your logic board, and Siri cannot pause the music while playing music. Skip can be performed with the touch on the top“.

Other Reddit community users also reported overheating problems. One person reported that both of their HomePods became abnormally hot, while another person reported that their original HomePod had problems. Since the original HomePod has been discontinued, these problems have become worse. In addition, once the beta version is installed, there is no way to easily downgrade to the previous stable version of the HomePod software.

According to the terms and conditions of Apple’s beta software program, the company is not responsible for any damage caused by the beta, so damage to the HomePod is not covered by the warranty. Not only that, the HomePod test plan is not technically a public initiative.

Apple does not provide a traditional test plan for HomePod. Instead, only invited users can install the AppleSeed beta. However, HomePod device files have been leaked online through third-party websites, which means that users who are not part of the program can install the beta firmware. It is strongly recommended that users do not install the beta software on their main devices. If you find that your HomePod becomes abnormally hot, it is also recommended that you unplug it and leave it in a closed state.