Apple Airpods Pro Update Brings Spatial Audio Feature To The Device

Airpods Pro Spatial Audio

Apple announced the feature in June, and the update is now available. The AirPods Pro learn to represent sounds spatially with the current firmware update. “Spatial Audio” uses the accelerometer to align the sound with head movement.

After the update, the AirPods Pro create 3D soundscapes

In cinemas, great efforts are made to spatially output sound. In some cases, complex systems are used in home cinemas in order to represent the acoustic events as realistically as possible. The “Spatial Audio” feature that Apple presented at WWDC in June is tied to this very idea. With update 3A283 – the fifth after the release – the function now lands on AirPods Pro.

As AppleInsider was able to confirm in its update report, the corresponding entry can be found in the Bluetooth menu of the AirPods under the item “Spatial Audio” after installation. Apple does not plan to initiate the update itself. As long as the AirPods are in the charging case and there is a connection to an iOS device, the firmware should install itself promptly. IOS 14 or a corresponding beta version is required here. You can find all data about your AirPods in the settings under General, Info, AirPods.

Spatial hearing with motion sensors

If the function is activated, the AirPods use the acceleration sensors to track head movements. The sound should remain relatively fixed in the room despite the movement of the head. Apple itself said in its presentation that you can create such a 3D soundscape and imitate the experience that users know from cinemas, for example. It will be interesting to see how the function fares with users – if you test it, let us know in the comments.

The update provides another practical innovation for the AirPods: In conjunction with macOS Big Sur and iOS 14, the AirPods can now automatically switch the connection quickly. The imaginable scenarios: If you look at a movie on the Mac, then receives a call, switch the AirPods assuming fast on the iPhone has to offer.