AirPods Pro Allegedly Exploded In The Ear

AirPods pro Exploded

According to a report by a 20-year-old Berliner, his AirPods Pro headphones exploded with a loud bang while in use. Apple as the manufacturer and Amazon as the seller wants to investigate the incident closely because there are hardly any reports of similar incidents.

This is reported by the German technology portal heise. The injured party contacted Heise and sent a photo of the AirPods Pro, which was clearly affected. As far as is known, one of the two earplugs suddenly became warmer than normal for the young man on St. Nicholas Day. Then there was a bang – he still had the plugin in his ear.

When he saw what had triggered the bang, he was so frightened that he dropped the headphones. The small plug had burst open, had several cracks, and was partly black – it had clear marks like after an explosion.

The Product Was Original

In addition, the person concerned is not physically undamaged. According to his report, he now has tinnitus and is currently waiting for a specialist diagnosis. The online portal heise now reminds you that similar reports of exploding AirPods have turned out to be false reports. However, it can currently be assumed that it is an original product. The AirPods Pro was bought from Amazon at the beginning of the year, and the serial number is authentic after it has been checked on the Apple website.

Apple and Amazon have already got in touch and announced a detailed review. Apple is now examining the damaged AirPods carefully, whether there was any previous damage and how the accident could have happened. Amazon wants to make sure that they are not clever forgeries. The Berliner is now getting a replacement from Apple.