A Blood Cancer Patient Commits Suicide on Facebook Live

Arindam Dutta a 43-year-old blood cancer patient committed suicide live on Facebook. He lived in West Bengal,  Purba Vivekananda Palli, Hakimpara, in Darjeeling’s Siliguri. From his Facebook account, he started a video, tied a nylon rope around his neck and committed suicide.

There were five friends of Dutta who noticed him on Facebook, committing suicide. They tried to convince him to stop through comments. A few even called him on his cell phone but he did not pick up the phone and went ahead with his decision to take his own life.

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On Sunday morning the body of Dutta was recovered by the police. A few minutes before Dutta committed suicide, he called up his childhood friend Mohammed Alam. Alam works as a journalist in Kolkata.

Alam was not able to receive the call from his friend and he regrets it now. He said, “Had I received the call, probably I could have persuaded him to refrain from taking such an extreme step.”

Adding, “As I could not take his call, he called up my wife and told her that he is not interested in living.”

He informed that after Dutta was diagnosed with blood cancer his friends told him that they will help him recover and contribute to his treatment.

Alam said, “But I had never imagined he will commit suicide. Incidentally, we had a family get-together at Kolkata three weeks back, where Dutta was present.”

As per the  Facebook profile of Dutta, he was a student of FDI School in Jalpaiguri and AC College of Commerce, Jalpaiguri.

His friends claimed that Dutta was a divorcee and he was extremely depressed after he was diagnosed with blood cancer. He was isolated as he lived alone in his home at Siliguri. He had a daughter who lived with the ex-wife.