ZXMCO Monster 250cc Bike Launched In Pakistan

The auto industry is growing worldwide. Better vehicles, electric cars, driverless cars are just bringing advancement in the sector.

Coming to the bikes, each day we hear a new bike is launching in Pakistan. The most recent update in this sector is that ZXMCO Monster ZX 250-D bike has launched in Pakistan. ZXMCO has introduced a 250cc motorbike in the country.

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The bikes come with 250 cc engine just as the name indicates. The features of the bike are that it has a double cylinder (V-Twin), 4-stroke, air-cooled unit and is armed with an electronic fuel injection. So compared to other 250cc bikes, ZX 250-D bike has slightly improved fuel efficiency. ZXMCO’s fuel tank can hold18 liters of fuel. The weight of the bike is 165 kg and a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The bike has disk brake both at front and back.

LEDs in the bike are in shape of headlights and brake light.

The retail price of the bike is Rs 425000. You can book the bike to buy it. For pre-booking, you need to deposit PKR75000 in advance. You will be delivered the bike within two months of booking.

The growth in the auto industry in Pakistan and all around the world is commendable. New models coming up every day is a treat for the car, bike lovers.

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