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Zong Will Reinvest All Revenues Earned On People Of Pakistan

Zong’s commitment to lead Pakistan’s technological revolution has been reconfirmed as it announces to reinvest all revenue earned on People of Pakistan. The aim of Zong 4G is to transform the lives of people inhabiting in Pakistan, to empower them.

So through their effort, Zong 4G will not just expand Pakistan’s communication infrastructure but also work with dedication for the people who have helped in building this network. Thus Zong will reinvest everything it has earned on Pakistan.

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Maham Dard the spokesperson of Zong and also Director Corporate Affairs & Strategy said, “Any revenue earned from the people of Pakistan will be spent back on the people of Pakistan, to give them a stable, advanced and reliable network. Our first goal is to help the Pakistani people adopt a digital lifestyle through Zong 4G. We will continue to reinvest in Pakistan, on the Pakistani people.”

Moreover, Zong is aiming to increase its 3G/4G network to 10,500 sites as the year ends. Zong wants to empower Pakistani nation and make them the part of its vision, “The New Dream”.