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Zong And Telenor Are At War- Deceptive Marketing Is The Cause

CCP, Competition Commission of Pakistan has issued a notice to Telenor Pakistan for deceptive marketing. Zong issued a complaint to CCP against Telenor for violating Section 10 of the Competition Act 2010. The complaint against the telecom company is that it is misleadingly marketing its price and geographical availability of its 4G network.

Zong complaint to CCP stated that Telenor claiming its “Telenor 4G services absolutely free” and that “4G services available across Pakistan,” is false.

As per Zong, Telenor’s misleading statement was also affecting the business of its competitors.

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CCP enquired on the matter and it was discovered that only 100 MBs of data is offered free by Telenor. Any extra usage after the limit is not free at all. So Telenor’s claim of providing totally free 4G services is false.

The second claim by Telenor was of “Nationwide Availability/Across Pakistan,” as the inquiry was done at this point it was found out that Telenor was making a general impression. The seven cities in which it claims to offer 4G services are Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, now even those cities 4G services are only available at selected points.

The conclusion of the report was that Telenor’s marketing camping is deceptive and it violates Section 10 of the Competition Act. So a notice has been sent to Telenor Pakistan.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Telenor Pakistan Kamal Ahmed responded on the notice saying:

“Telenor Pakistan is an ethical and law-abiding corporate entity and carries out its operations in accordance with law and conducts all business activities responsibly. We always strive to maintain clear communication with our valued customers and ensure that there is no ambiguity as far as our package plans or pricing is concerned. The 4G campaign in question was launched in 2016 and we clarified in our communication that internet usage is free for first 100MBs. Also, our claim regarding the reach of our 4G services in certain cities was specified and intended to mark the availability of services in those cities without specifically claiming blanket coverage in any number of locations or cities. The said campaign is already over. We are contesting the matter before CCP. Telenor Pakistan strives to bring the benefits of internet to the people of Pakistan and to give access to quality content under our Internet For All ambition and we are fully committed towards the fulfillment of our ambition through aggressive network expansion, one of the fastest growing 4G footprint and introduction of digital products and services to cater to the needs of the masses.”