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Zong 4G Subscribers Reach 6 million

Zong 4G active users have now reached 6 million. The company has achieved another milestone by reaching this new target. Zong’s main focus has always been on customers which have enabled the company to move forward gaining constant popularity. The services and offers offered by Zong have always been customer-oriented which defines the success of the company.

Zong’s is the leader in the 4G market in Pakistan. Jazz might be the leading telecom company in Pakistan, but in terms of 4G/LTE internet services, there is no beating Zong. The company delivers amazing, stable and fast internet network to its users.

Pakistan’s tech industry and developing digital transformation is highly dependent on its 4G network. And in the 4G network, Zong is the clear winner.

Zong’s 4g subscribers have reached 6 million which clearly proves its supremacy in this arena. The company is offering its services in more than 400 cities all around Pakistan, becoming the most preferred choice of people all over the country.

The main focus of Zong is to spread and further expand its 4G network in Pakistan and remain customer oriented in its offers and services. Further investments are expected by Zong as China Mobile Communication Corporation the parent company wants to bring further development and prosperity in the country.

Zong thinks ahead, about the future and how it can provide effective solutions through the better use of technology. Zong 4G packages, its diverse network, a larger area of coverage, better speed makes it stand out. A step ahead from 4G technology is 5G tech. The right step ahead would be to test 5G technology in Pakistan, become the first company to launch it in the country and bring further ease in lives of the people. In near future, Zong might be the leading 5G provider in Pakistan as well.

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